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Amfico Agencies is a well known shipping company with focus on global consolidation and representation. We specialize in handling of chemicals and various other cargoes in Tank Containers, Gas Tanks, Box Containers, Bulk Vessels, Reefer Containers, IBC’s, Flexi Tanks as well as some innovative packaging.

Amfico has been around in the tank container market for over a decade and is fortunate to have handled over 10000 tank container moves. These IMO1 SS316 TANKS (20kl-26kl) are constructed to a very high standard and can withstand extreme incidents, fitted with most of the safety features such as pressure-relief devices, heating facility, ladder, walkway, handrails etc. It is safe, efficient and cost effective mode for the transportation and storage of a variety of Hazardous and Non Hazardous Liquid Cargoes.

Our Tanks are capable of transporting edible oils, oleo chemicals such as fatty acids, fatty alcohols. We also transport chemical products, whether hazardous or non hazardous products.

We also have a large fleet of Baffle Tanks that have bulkheads in them with holes that let the liquid flow through. The baffles help to control the forward and backward liquid surge. Another advantage of these tanks are that they can be filled up to 95% max and min 30%. The smaller capacity tanks that we handle are more suitable for higher specific gravity cargoes.

Non Hazardous Cargoes
We carry a large quantity of liquids mainly Non Petroleum Oil and Lubricants (Non-POL) like fatty acid, crude palm oil, molasses, chemicals etc. These are non DG cargoes and are usually acceptable by most lines.

Hazardous Cargoes
We also carry a large number of cargoes that are hazardous in nature. These Cargoes Fall under different class depending on the nature and volatility of the product. The main products carried are flammable liquids, toxic & corrosive substances etc. A large number of these cargoes fall under class 3, 6.1, 8 & 9.

Cryogenic Gas (Liquid Argon, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen) & Refrigerant Gases,
Of Suttons numerous accolades the latest achievements are of being awarded contracts with Air Liquide UK Limited, a subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group, a world leading supplier of gases for industry, health and the environment and BOC to deliver aerosol propellants in UK. BOC is the largest provider of industrial, medical and special gases in the UK and Ireland. This deal comes on the back of the distribution of pentanes and carbon dioxide work Suttons currently does for BOC.

Suttons has been operating gas tanks for over 20 years globally. At present they operate a fleet of 14bar, 21bar, 27.5bar and 34bar Gas tanks, with baffles and at varying capacities. As per your requirement we can send you some technical details / drawings of the tanks we would recommend. Suttons has extensive experience in safely and successfully transporting gases by road and these major contracts confirms Suttons as one of the leading providers of bulk gases distribution services world wide.

Having moved over 1800 TEU’s annually in our sister concern we have managed to get a good foothold in the containerized business.
Cargoes Handled: Ceramic Sanitary wares, Tiles, Salt, Analogue Clocks, Stones & Marble Slabs, Cements, Minerals, Talcum Powder, Empty Glass Bottles, Castor Oil, Chemicals In IBC’s, Flexibags, Drums (Haz & Non Haz) , Agri Products, Machinery, Brass Parts, Electronic Goods, Motors / Diesel Engines, Porcelain Ware, Food Grains Etc.

Our group has been promoted by Mr. K.B.Cooper a well known personality in shipping circles, having over six decades of expertise in shipping and specializing in Bulk Cargo Handling, Stevedoring, Agency etc.
Cargoes handled: Steel Coils, Coal, Bauxite, Fertilizers, Timber Logs etc.

We provide Shipbroking service :

  • Ship Sales & Purchase
  • Dry Cargo Chartering
  • Tanker Chartering
  • Project Cargo Chartering
  • Ships for Demolition: sales & Purchase


E-mail: marketing@amfilogistics.com


Cell: +91 9326454677

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